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 In a world run by people who fuel division, the circumstances of one woman are about to change everything.

Judy innocently takes up what seems to be an exciting acting opportunity but leads her to be drawn into a world of trafficking by power hungry players on the lookout for secrets to exploit. But they’ve picked the wrong person as Judy becomes a spearhead for change.

An interesting political thriller that has an almost satirised establishment and shadowy organisations. What begins as a group of traffickers for the wealthy well-known as a way to gain power and leverage becomes whole government and public systems operated by those intending on causing and manipulating division - “cancel culture gone mad”. Judy is a wilful main character, hardly fazed by the circumstances she finds herself in, and always fighting back against those out to capture or punish her. This can be read as a political thriller with an anti-establishment theme or be looked at and evaluated for its social commentary. There’s moments of irony - coach loads of protesters arriving on the farm to shout about protection of the environment and animals while thinking nothing of the vehicles they travel in or the abrupt killing of one of those animals. It’s a thought-provoking tale of a troubled world stacked like a house of cards and the events that could bring it all crashing down.

This is a good storyline which although it's set in the future, feels very relevant to today. It's quite a complex plot and the author is to be applauded for not confusing the reader with all the twists and turns. My only (slight) criticism is that in parts it is a bit wordy. I'd definitely recommend this book.

Emily Thomas

Set in the near future, W.J Blackwood has created a believable and relatable tale with characters you can totally get behind who experience twists and turns in the plot of this unexpectedly enjoyable adventure. I enjoyed this book so much, I finished it off the next day as I was desperate to find out what happened next to the characters! I can see this easily being adapted for film or television as it would translate really well, although I equally thoroughly enjoyed it as a book. Looking forward to seeing what else this brilliant author comes up with in the future! What a read!

Book Clock Reviews

Today is my stop on the online book review tour for TheTurning Point by W.J. Blackwood, and I'm looking forward to share my review! It is described as being 'a story of a rebellion against the fashionable mores of our time', and I think that sums up the plot of this book very succinctly. My favourite part of The Turning Point was the writing style, and the complex yet interesting themes it explores. It's well-written, and the pacing was fantastic, I found myself regularly staying up late to finish a chapter! I'd really recommend this book for anyone enjoys thrilling novels with an edge. I think this book would best be paired with a glass of red wine - or two!

Martin Treanor

The Turning Point is a well-written, nicely put together novel based around the horrors of people trafficking and a victim who uses her plight to take on those who would victimise and use her. Although starting slowly – which I liked, helping me to really get under the skin the various characters, a fair few of whom (as you might expect from the subject matter) are not at all likeable – the book becomes fast-paced, has many twists and turns. It is high energy, has a compulsive plot, and gives the reader a fast ride. A good read. I look forward to seeing what W.J. Blackwood does next..


"The Turning Point" by W.J Blackwood is a thrilling and intense novel that follows a young American woman who finds herself stranded in Scotland, only to discover she has been the victim of people trafficking. As she fights to uncover the mysterious forces behind her abduction, she forms unlikely alliances with isolated individuals and embarks on a dangerous journey to California. The novel explores themes of betrayal, infatuation, and the perseverance of the human spirit in the face of adversity. The protagonist's struggles are captured with a sense of urgency and tension, as she and her companions confront the shadowy organization responsible for her ordeal. As the story unfolds, the characters navigate a world of danger and violence, as they attempt to bring their enemies to justice. The novel delves into the dark underbelly of human trafficking and the lengths to which individuals will go to survive and seek retribution. Overall, "The Turning Point" is a gripping and action-packed read that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. The novel is a compelling exploration of the human capacity for resilience and the enduring fight for justice in the face of overwhelming odds.


I found the book to be a slow starter and was near on halfway through the book before I became invested into the plot and the characters. Once I had though, it turned into a fast paced thriller that took us on a crazy journey into the near future. It's cleverly plotted and has some well rounded characters. I found it to be entertaining, engrossing and would definitely recommend.

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